Funky Nest Session Farmhouse Ale is a wild-yeast, low-ABV beer micro-brewed for the craft market, aiming to stand out from competitors, attracting consumers age 21–30 years old. The objective was to design eye-catching label packaging and this was achieved conceptually by pairing a nest filled with exotic eggs and an afro pick, using a bright, primarily pink and blue color palette, easily drawing attention in the highly competitive beer aisle.
The concept illustration for Funky Nest was began by randomly selecting an adjective and a noun at the onset of a class project, followed by creating and designing label packing inspired by the name drawn. It felt natural to introduce a 'funky' vibe by creating a nest containing exotic, fanciful eggs, but how could the idea be pushed further and best shown? Ah ha!—add an afro pick to the side of the nest. On display is my original pencil sketch of the nest, complete with exotic eggs and afro pick, transitioning into my final vector illustration used on the session farmhouse ale's packaging. Cheers!
Creative & Art Direction: Tracey Ullom

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