MINDBIND is a multiplayer card game which tests the telepathic link between partnered individuals in an attempt to match symbols using only their minds to communicate. The game also tests telepathic defense as members of opposing teams get caught in head-to-head challenges. Telepathic ability is a potential existing within all living beings, but like any other skill, it must be practiced, cultivated, and refined in order to become replicable with any degree of accuracy. Through repeated gameplay, partners can see their telepathic ability strengthen and their connection with other players grow. Find out who is first place when it comes to second sight!
the purported vicarious transmission of information from one person to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction.

synonyms: mind reading, thought transference
MINDBIND was initiated by my senior thesis question, "Will parapsychology be accepted scientifically?" After three months of rigorous research in the basement at Portland State University's library, my overall impression was that the inability to accept parapsychological phenomena, such as telepathy, often lies in the observer's bias to see what they believe, rather than believe what they see. Another cornerstone of my findings is the incorrect approach in studying parapsychology as one would precisely and quantitatively measure physics, when the phenomena is much more akin to the qualitative observations discovered in the fields of psychology. After all, telepathy deals with the workings of the mind.
I am of the opinion that the study of phenomena within the spectrum of parapsychology could be equally beneficial to those of mainstream psychology if more people were less dismissive of its potential benefit. These benefits can include, but are not limited to, discovery of inner potential, the development of interconnectedness between human beings through a new form of understanding and communication, faith in levels of existence beyond those perceived by common sensory experience, and the reawakening of innocent, childlike curiosity in the form of imaginative, exploratory fun. Using these potential benefits as a guide, I conceived, developed, and designed a card game which tests the telepathic link between partnered individuals in a fun and easily understood way which even a child can learn and enjoy while seeing their imagination grow.
Game Rules / Instructions front
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• helped ignite interest in parapsychology
• increased eye-contact and connectedness
• provided greater insight into one's own thought process
• awakened dormant areas of spirituality
• shifted philosophical outlooks
• illuminated qualitative effects of parapsychology
• provided a fun and engaging experience
Creative & Art Direction: Meredith James

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